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last update January 2022

Q. How soon after the event will I be able to see my photos?
A. in most cases, photos are available the following day. For our biggest events and when there are multiple events on one day this may extend to 2 days. Always check for latest details on our Web site.

Q. How long will it take for my photos to arrive after I have ordered them?
A. Photo prints will usually arrive within 7 working days. Digital originals and social media pics within 48hrs but again, allow a little longer at busy times and with larger events. If your order has not arrived and you would like to query this then contact us here.

Q. If I order electronic originals by email, how will they arrive?
A. You will receive an email via WeTransfer containing a link to download your photos. It's quite simple to do.

Q. Can I choose to have my electronic originals in commemorative style or full photo format?
A. Both versions are included when ordering electronic originals except with Social Media pics where you only receive full photo format.

Q. Are the photos on the Web site the actual quality of the finished print?
A. No. These are low resolution thumbnails that have been compressed to reduce file size. This enables us to store thousands of images on our server and also ensure that they are displayed quickly.

Q. What if I enter my number but no photos are found?
A. Be sure to check out the unclassified page for that particular event. This contains all photos where the runnerís number was not visible.

Q. What if my photo arrives and I don't like it?
A. We offer a full 'money back' guarantee. Details can be found here.

Q. How long will photos be kept on the site?
A. Photos will be available for at least 1 year and a maximum of 2 years.